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How to get Pearson's Crystal Data

Licenses for Pearson's Crystal Data are either available directly from the publisher ASM International (contact details see below), or from any software dealer of your choice, by forwarding the publisher's contact details below to them.

The contact details of the publisher ASM International are as follows:

ASM International
9639 Kinsman Road
Materials Park, OH 44073

Contact person:
Mr. Kris Waninger
Phone: +1-440-671-3870

Available License Types

Several license types are available in two different models: permanent and one-year limited licenses. The one-year license model offers a low-price entry point to Pearson's Crystal Data.

One-year licenses

The following license types are limited to one year:

License type
Single license for personal academic usage, valid for 1 year (*)
Single license (1 installation) for a company or research institute, valid for 1 year
Small group license (2-4 installations) for a company or research institute, valid for 1 year
Site license (5 or more installations) for a company or research institute, valid for 1 year

  • The "academic" one-year license type and the reduced prices ("Degree-granting org.") for permanent license types are only available for institutions that grant an academic degree (e.g. B.S., M.S., Ph.D.).
  • The "Single license for personal academic usage" can only be installed on a single PC.

Similar to competing products, the limitation to one year means that after one year usage the database software will refuse to work, and you have to purchase a new license, if you would like to continue using the database. Please note that this is no subscription and thus no cancellation from your side is necessary and there is no automatic, unwanted renewal.

Permanent licenses

A permanent license of Pearson's Crystal Data (front-end software and database) is purchased only once with unlimited usage time. Periodic updates become available every year; they can be purchased optionally.

License type
New license for 1-5 installations, unlimited usage time
New license for 6-10 installations, unlimited usage time
New license for more than 10 installations, unlimited usage time  


Optional updates of permanent licenses

For each release year difference required to update your version to the current, 25% of the price for a new license will be due.