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Personal Licenses available for Diamond, Endeavour and Match!

July 28, 2014

In the past months we have received an increasing number of requests for licenses for individuals. Today, we have added a new license type to our portfolio for the software packages Diamond, Endeavour and Match!: The so-called "Personal License".

A personal license is intended for being used by individuals. Hence, it cannot be purchased for/through an institution and must not be used for commercial purposes. Similar to a single license, a personal license can only be installed on the licensee's PC as well as on his laptop.

Personal licenses are available both perpetual as well as time-limited for 3, 6 or 12 months. With the 3-months personal license, any of our software packages Diamond, Endeavour and Match! is now available for only 49 EUR! (not including taxes that may be due.)

Personal licenses are delivered electronically; shipment of a manual/CD package is not available for this license type. Payment can be carried out either using the licensee's personal credit card or PayPal account (advance payment to required).

A list of the most common questions concerning personal licenses along with the corresponding answers (FAQ) can be found here.